from the Management of the Company “Bibov & Co.” Ltd.
for the Policy and Targets regarding the Environmental Management

Our main goal is to create such a management of the processes and the organization of works in the company, whereby the preservation of the environment to be guaranteed.

By assuming its responsibility in constructing, supporting and constantly improvement of the Environmental Management System, the management of the company “Bibov & Co” Ltd. declares the following main principles, laying in the environmental management policy:

Conformity with the main activity and the impact on the environment – We acknowledge our responsibility and we strive to identify in a maximum degree the aspects of the environment and the possible risks, arising from our activity;

Constantly improvement of the activity for preservation of the environment, as well as the prevention of pollution – main purpose of the Environmental Management System, which can be achieved by constant monitoring of the running processes, reducing pollution risks, as well as by effective and efficacious improvement of results regarding the environmental management.

Abiding the operative legislation – the Company binds itself to enforce the operative legislation, as well as other requirements with regards of the environment.

Documenting, incorporating and supporting – the management of the company binds itself to ensure the documenting, incorporating and supporting of the Environmental Management System.

Resound and involvement of people – the Management considers the people as the most valuable resource of the company. By managing their suitability, motivation and contentment, the Management strives to create conditions, in which employees devote to achieve the company aims regarding the Environmental Management System. In the same time, the Management requires from all its employees to make all efforts, as well as diligence, initiative and responsibility by fulfillment of their labor obligations, in order to ensure high quality of the services, customer’s satisfaction and preservation of all normative, statutory and technical requirements with regards of both the quality and the preservation of the environment.

Accessibility of the policy – the policy is accessible for every employee of “Bibov & Co” Ltd., as well as for all outside people concerned and the public, as at all times and on demand it will be submitted for acquaintance.

Process, system and factual approach – the rules created by the company are a result of running basic and additional processes, which are reviewed and managed as a system and not individually. Decisions and actions are based on objective facts and data.

The management of “Bibov & Co” Ltd. treats its public obligations and the preservation of environment in a responsible manner.

The management of “Bibov & Co” Ltd. and its employees constantly strive to find opportunities for the improvement and optimization of the activities in the company.

The management of “Bibov & Co” Ltd. commits to reach a high quality of its products and services, not at any cost, but only by strict abiding of all normative requirements regarding the Environmental Management System, as well as by guaranteed preservation of the environment.

The management of “Bibov & Co” Ltd. guarantees, that:

  1. The company has got the necessary resources for constructing, supporting and development of an Environmental Management System;
  2. The company binds itself to take care of the incorporated Environmental Management System to operate according to the requirements of ISO 14001:2004;
  3. The principles stated above are known by all employees of the company, they understand their meaning and matter and they strive to perform the set tasks according to these principles.

Date: 17.01.2008
General Manager:
/Lina Bibova/
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